About Me


Hi, my name is Caroline Sabourin.  I`m a baby boomer, mother and grandmother and an avid cinephile.  I was born in Quebec, Canada but raised, for the most part, in Ottawa, Ontario.

Growing up in the fifties and sixties meant you played outside a lot, not like the kids of today who seem to think playing outside is some archaic form of punishment.   The only times you came indoors was when the weather was inclement.  It was then that we could be treated to a movie.  That`s when I fell in love with the cinema; to the antics of Laurel and Hardy and Charlie Chaplin, the heroic adventures of Erroll Flynn, the romance and drama of actors like Cary Grant, Betty Davis and Jimmy Stewart, not to mention the musicals with Ginger Rogers, Fred Astaire, Danny Kay and Gene Kelly as well as the westerns, science fiction and of course the horror movies featuring Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney.  There are so many great actors and actresses of that era that I can`t name them all here, but I do invite you on this journey of rediscovery with me.

I keep coming across some of these classic black and white movies that I have yet to see and I will be posting some of those here, or on my YouTube channel.  I will be writing short biographies about those stars, as well as on the history of film so grab a tub of hot buttered popcorn and your beverage of choice and delve into a nostalgic view of the silver screen with me.